Here are some bookmarkets for skipping ads and controlling videos on the web.


Drag this bookmarklet onto your bookmark bar (only tested in chome). Click it to skip ads.

Skip YouTube Ad

Here are a couple playback control bookmarklets that work on any HTML5

Speed up playback Slow down up playback Reset playback speed

A little more detail

YouTube wraps their player in a div with a bunch of classes including ad-showing when an ad is being shown. If your browser is HTML5 compatible, this means you can get the <video> element fairly easily.

var container = document.getElementsByClassName("ad-showing")[0];
if (container) {
  var video_element = container.getElementsByTagName("video")[0];

To skip to the end of an HTML video element:

function skip_to_end(video_element){
  video_element.currentTime = video_element.duration;

How to go from code to bookmarklet

The quick, dirty solution here is to make a bookmarklet like the top of the page by playing a little code golf. This is my quick pass that gets under the character limit for a bookmark:

(function(){var _a=document.getElementsByClassName("ad-showing")[ 0];if(_a){var _v=_a.getElementsByTagName("video")[0];_v.currentTi me=_v.duration}})()

If we wanted to make this a little better, we could wrap it in a setInterval and make an extension that tries to skip ads at a regular interval. Alternatively, we could set up an event listener.

A comment on HTML5 video

This is kind of a problem if you're an advertiser and want to show ads. Providers like Hulu and CBS make it much harder to skip ads in a few ways. First, they use an iframe, which makes the bookmarklet approach fail because of CORS protection. Extensions don't have this problem, but they use a proprietary player, which is a little harder to work around.